Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Highlights

Since I rarely post anymore, I thought I'd do a cliff notes/picture summary of the spring:

Brayden at the Pinewood Derby--3rd year, 3rd time taking 2nd place.  His is the black car on the track--the "Black Widow."

Abby in her elephant costume (yes, these are the ones that I made for all the girls in the class--the arm thing is the trunk during the dance).  Taking a little curtsy with her flower after the "performance." 

Easter Sunday--ditto for below.

What's the spring highlight here?  It's that I can actually get a pig tail in Maegan's hair!  Also, she climbed up on the bar stool and then the counter and helped herself to that whole apple out of the fruit bowl.  So, I did the responsible parent thing and cut it up and gave it to her--oh, wait.  No, I put her in the high chair and let her have at it!  She quite enjoyed in and gnawed on it for a good 10 minutes.

Drew in his baseball catcher's gear and below about to hit the ball (I think!)  We'll just assume that this was the one that he hit over the shortstop's head.  

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