Monday, June 8, 2009

Pizza for Dinner!

I thought I'd start posting some of the great dinners I've been making with Wildtree stuff so I have a place to send my customers for more ideas. So, if you read this because you are just wanting pics of the kids (Hi Mom! Hi Renae!) hopefully you get a few fast dinner ideas too!

Tonight was pizza. I used one pouch of the Quick and Easy Pizza dough and one pouch of the Whole Wheat pizza dough. I did this because that's what I had in my pantry and I didn't want to make too separate doughs, so I just dumped them in together. I thought it made a nice light wheat flavor and I would do it again. Make sure the water you are using is very hot--the package indicates 120-130 degrees. This is hotter than my tap, so I put in the micro for a few seconds. I let it rise much longer than the package states. I guess it's not so "quick" that way, but it is still "easy!"

I let it get nice and puffy before rolling it out.

I use my hands to press it onto a pizza stone.  If you like your crust very crispy, you can preheat your stone, roll your pizza on a peel or a cookie sheet and then slide it onto the hot stone. This is too scary for me and I don't really care if the bottom crust is super crispy. I find an unheated stone baked on the lowest rack provides plenty of "crispy" for me and my fam.

Top as you like. I use the Hearty Spaghetti Seasoning in a can of tomato sauce, plus a pinch of sugar and salt and pepper.  Actually I think I may have used the California style garlic pepper instead of just regular pepper--I put it on everything, so it's hard to remember.  I don't even heat it together before I spread it right on the pizza.  (You can also use tomato paste--just thin it down with water to a spreading consistency.)  Sprinkle on cheese, etc.  Bake according to the package directions.  When I have two pizzas to bake, I rotate them so they both get some time on the lowest rack to crisp up the bottom crust.  I think I baked these about 18 minutes total.  It will take longer if you add a lot of toppings--it seems to weigh down the crust. 

The beautiful results! Sweet little Maegan can't have cheese, so you'll notice a little portion without cheese on the hawaiian.

She doesn't seem to mind!

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Myrnie said...

Oh yum! We have pizza night nearly every week- such a tasty, easy, frugal dinner!