Monday, May 3, 2010

Chimichurri Soft Tacos

El Gaucho's Chimichurri Blend is inspired by a thick sauce traditional to Argentina.  It's great as a marinade for flank steak and here, with chicken.  I started by making the marinade according to the directions on the back of the jar--using lemon juice, grapeseed oil and some salt (optional).  

Let that marinate for a couple of hours, but since it has lemon juice in it, you don't want to do this much longer than 4 hours because your chicken will get mealy.  If you are using, flank steak, overnight is fine.

Throw this on a grill--or in my case an indoor grill and grill till done.

Meanwhile, get some other toppings ready.  I sauteed up some red bell pepper and sweet onion in Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil.  Even though my husband and I are the only ones that eat these, I always do a lot because leftovers are great diced up in omelets, or on top of salads or even in sandwiches.

Pull the chicken off the grill and let rest a few minutes.

Then slice across the grain--this is especially important if you are doing this with flank steak--it will be much more tender that way.

Warm up some tortillas--flour or corn are fine, whichever you prefer.  I've been buying those unbaked tortillas from Costco lately--they are really good!

I topped my tortilla with the chicken, peppers and onion mixture, cheese (I would have rather had jack or even pepper jack, but alas my fridge only contained cheddar), lettuce and some cilantro.  I also spread my tortilla first with a little guacamole--that way you get a little guac in every bite instead of in clumps on top--great way to do sour cream too!  I love the Chimichurri blend--it's even on my Top 10 bundle.  Instead of grilling, I also just throw the chicken (or pork) in the crockpot with the same marinade mixture and then shred it at the end of the day--either way tastes great and so easy!