Monday, November 17, 2008

Miracle in a Bottle

I wanted to share my "miracle in a bottle” story. Abby has sucked her finger since birth and recently added a finger up the nose and picking sores on her face at the same time. We couldn’t stand it anymore so I decided to check out yucky tasting stuff for her finger, hoping to break the nose/picking habit as well. I found this and it worked amazing.

Here is Abby showing you her pretty painted fingernails. I never would paint her fingernails when she always had them in her mouth, so she knew when she stopped that she would get them painted. This worked in a matter of a week or so. At first her finger would still drift to her mouth out of habit, and she quit taking naps for a few days while she learned other techniques of putting herself to sleep, but all seems normal now and we are really happy. This is compared to Drew’s thumb sucking experience where we put a $2400 appliance in his mouth to correct the problems he caused by thumb-sucking and help him to stop. His orthodontist claimed he was his toughest case ever because after 2 years, Drew was still sucking at night. He asked to try the “yucky stuff” and has also been able to quit. I swear by this stuff if anyone needs help with a problem finger/thumb habit. I’m saving it for Maegan’s thumb when she is old enough!

Abby also loves to pick out outfits--here is a lovely example. It is cold out--hence the leg warmers.  Also notice she did her own hair with a lovely headband!

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