Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Organ!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to go with this post, but I am excited to say that my church building just received a brand new Rogers organ!  This is very good news as our old organ was hauled out using surgical masks and glove,  cut up and put in the dumpster outside.  The new organ has beautiful sound, over 100 memory stops, tons of different registration options and some really cool chimes.  I'm sure no one else really cares about reading this (or you have already heard me go on, and on, and on about it) I just wanted a record of when we got it so I wouldn't forget!  Now I have to practice more, because as Andy said, if it sounds bad you can't blame the organ anymore!


link2literacy said...

I love the holiday motif! I need to learn how to create such fun pages. The miracle finger story was a delight to read - lots of chuckles in those sentences.

I'm starting my own blog, not so much for the world or even family to read, but to "keep a record" of events, as you pointed out in your organ posting. I hope your Christmas program went well yesterday. We thought about you as we enjoyed our ward's presentation. I was the narrator this year. It was fun.

Keep up the great blogging. It's an enjoyable way to keep up, and I'll check it out more often.


Rae said...

So funny that you would say no one else cares...I also play organ for my church and WE just got an old (but new for us) organ put in at our church too from an old church in Detroit that was being torn down. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what kind it is... (: So I'm very excited for you guys too -- my fave feature on ours is the playback feature so you can record yourself and then go out into the sanctuary and evaluate your choice of stops, etc.

BTW, my hub's office just got internet so that pattern should be up any day now...