Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring in San Jose

I was thinking of an old post titled Summer in Northern Nevada in sharp contrast to what we did today. The boys had the day off school so we decided to do a little hiking with some friends. It was beautiful. This is Quicksilver in San Jose--the trailhead is literally about 2 miles from our house.

The boys were "steaming" when we got home. So this happened:

In case you're wondering, it was probably around 72 degrees at this time--and we don't heat the pool. Abby decided it was a good day to work on her tan. She asked me to take this picture:

Maegan had to get in too--just not actually in the water!


link2literacy said...

Omigosh! These pix are SO cute; especially the one of Brayden and Maegan! I want to hop a plane on April 14th and stay until Sunday night. Would that work? I think the boys are not in school that week. Let me know and I'll purchase tickets today. Renae

amyburb said...

Those are some brave kids! Well, except Maegan of course! We'll have to come do some hiking with you soon.