Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grilled Fish and Home Fries

I'm way behind on posting and I have lots of great meals to post, so I'll be posting one right after another this week--I hope! For starters this week, I'll show you a great use for the Dipping Oils. I used European Dipping Oil-Chili for this fish, but the European Dipping Oil-Garlic or European Dipping Oil-Tuscany would be great as well. Simply brush the oil on a piece of Tilapia and place in a heated grill pan or an indoor electric grill (such as a George Foreman). Grill 5-7 minutes, until fish flakes with a fork.

For sides I made the Home Fries and garlicky green beans, but I don't have pictures of anything except the potatoes--woops! I actually made the green beans exactly like in this post. For my Home Fries, I like to add a little chopped onions, but other than that, I pretty much follow the instructions on the back of the Home Fries Seasoning--but I'm going to show you a shortcut. I think the most important thing with this blend is to use red potatoes or yukon golds--something in the waxy family. I definitely do not like this recipe using a regular russet potato--it turns out quite dry. My family devoured these potatoes in the pictures but the next time I made it I only had russets on hand and they hardly ate any.

So, chop up a little onion if you like and then cube your potatoes--this is the proportion I used--you can see I just used a little onion. The instructions say to cut and boil potatoes until almost cooked then do the frying. Well, I just don't like dirtying more pans than I have to, so I simmer the potatoes in the large non-stick skillet I plan to fry them in. When they are almost done (this takes only about 7-8 minutes because they are in small cubes) drain them with the lid and dump them back on the cutting board.

Heat a little Butter Grapeseed Oil or Natural Grapeseed Oil (or even Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil) in a non-stick skillet combined with an equal amount of butter--I use about 1 T. each for this amount. You can always add more later if you'd like. Saute your onion a bit. Then add the Home Fries Seasoning (1 teaspoon per pound of potatoes) and the potatoes back into the pan.

Stir fry until cooked through and golden delicious!

The finished meal--

Magean was so surprised that she actually liked this!


Anonymous said...

I get very excited when I see you've posted! I used your chicken browning idea for noodle soup, but I was making a heart-healthy chicken tortilla soup. Still the browning with the WildTree seasoning I had worked REALLY well, and if I hadn't used it, the soup would have been more blah than it was. I think I did at least one thing wrong: used an inexpensive broth. The recipe called for VERY little soup b/c it was heart-healthy after all, and I felt it needed a little more. However, it tasted better the second day.

I don't have the Home Fries Seasoning, but these potatoes look SO yummy that I'll have to order some.

I look forward to your other recipes AND to pictures of Maegan and any other cute person who lives at your house that you want to co-feature.

Much love, rbs

Anonymous said...

I mean "very little SALT" not soup!