Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pre-Christmas Festivities

I always have big plans to do many Christmas activities with the kids during the month of December. I didn't get around to all of them, but I figure if I take pictures of the ones that we did do, maybe it will seem like we did more. I'm not sure how that reasoning will work out, but here are the pics anyway. We started with some gingerbread cookies.

I even let Maegan help!

Proud (yet oddly sleepy eyed) Drew and Abby showing off their creations.

Working so hard and careful!

Name this movie. . ."OK. I'll tell you. Do you know. . . the muffin man?"

Christmas presents for the Salisbury's started a week early when we enjoyed a visit from Grammy Ann and Grandpa Ron.

Abby received this movie (which I did mention to my mom that she would like, so I have no one to blame but myself. Except for Anne--I could blame Anne since she recommended it to me--thanks Anne). It has led to the constant dancing and flitting about and Abby's new obsession with marriage, specifically to Andy. Frighteningly, we've had two other people recently tell us that Abby is more girly than any other girl they know. Darn, we thought it was just because we didn't know any better--Abby being our oldest girl. If you have a tom-boy, this movie will probably turn her. Incidentally, we also recently had a woman at our church tell us Abby was cuter than her own grandkids. For shame Grandma _____! (I told her I wouldn't reveal her identity!)

Brayden counting/inspecting his state quarters Grammy and Grandpa gave to his cause. If he has met you, he's probably requested you look through your wallet and check--just check--if you have any.

Meagan received this lovely bunny (it really is adorable, although here she is only showing the . . .um. . . tail). She carries it around faithfully and although she must cuddle her blanket when going to sleep, she needs to know that bunny is, at least, in the crib.

Drew and a few books. The kids also received a swing set that has already gotten tons of use--the beauty of A california Christmas--you can actually use the outdoor toys right away! Maegan's only been hit in the face once by the glider, so not bad!

A few days later, we made the 13 1/2 hour drive to Utah to Andy's parent's house. We were a little shocked by the weather. I don't think it got above 22 degrees the whole time we were there! A few months in California and we're spoiled! We ventured out to see the lights on Temple Square.

Mia, Abby and little Eve--cold but cheerful to be together. This was the first night they saw each other and they were thrilled.

Can you tell?!? Precious.

All the kids (minus Eve who was prisoner in her toasty stroller). Camera was acting funny so this is a little blurry, but such cute kids I had to include it. It's totally not my fault that I've never gone to that website my sister keeps recommending to learn to use it (her photos are beautiful). Totally not my fault I expect that my camera knows when there is low light. Totally not my fault that I can't remember the difference between the P setting and the M setting. Wait, are there settings other than just "AUTO"? Moving on. . .

It was cute of everyone else--it's really too bad that whole head swap thing is only for the professionals. I can't ever get a family picture that's good of everyone

Sledding with the cousins--Drew and Brayden with Spencer in the middle.

Abby developed a great love of sledding--especially with her cousin Taylor. Great pre-Christmas activities!!

In case you don't know and you hate suspense, the movie quote was Shrek, spoken by the Gingerbread man as he was being tortured/eaten by Lord Farquaad. I know I'm lame, but you probably know that too since you read this entire post.

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Becki Madsen said...

Lisa! So good to find you in this blogging world! Jason and I had fun looking through the pictures of all of your kids, they are getting big! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and look forward to following your blog!